Preet Sagar Photography


Words of Love

Preet is the most awesome, good looking and talented photographer in the whole world! As a matter of fact I think he is a super hero who is here to save the world. XoXo

– Preet ‘s Mom

"Preet and Kashyap are wonderful photographers. They captured amazing moments and now we have fabulous pictures not only for our wall or for the album, but as a record of the whole event. Our guests were happy on how they always got the “perfect” shot but were never in anybody’s way. They both really captured all the love and fun that was in the air that day! We will definitely recommend the work to anybody looking for wedding photographers”

– Jaya & Manish Devnani

"In a world where everything is too planned, too posed and almost too perfect Preet manages to capture the real, raw moments that you just happened to be in the middle of. I have had the opportunity of being photographed by this friend, wonderful human being and an extremely talented photographer on several different occasions and he amazes me every single time. thank you Preet for photographing some of my favourite memories that I will cherish forever"

– Mona & Brian D’souza

"Is it ok to say that I had tears in my eyes when I saw the slide show of the photographs that Preet captured of my family. He is an awesome photographer and I highly recommend his work for anyone looking for candid photographer in Dubai. Absolutely loved the day in the life session he captured for our family."

– Rochelle Malaika

"Very thoughtful and hardworking photographer who captured our wedding in the most beautiful way possible. The Polaroid photo was such a surprise and nice touch that my kids took them to school to show it to their teachers."

- Hatim Saleh (Chopper Shoot)

"Wow! The images delivered were just wow!"

- Manish Keshwani