Wedding Photographer for St. Regis Dubai
Preet Sagar Photography

Wedding Photographer for St. Regis Dubai

This photograph was taken in the busy lobby of one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Dubai, The St. Regis Hotel. As a wedding photographer, I don't often get to attend weddings as a guest. At my cousin's event, the bride and groom were snuggling at the head table and I used the table centerpieces in the foreground to create an interesting visual experience in this wedding photograph. 

I really enjoyed the beaux-arts architecture present at this hotel. Although I wasn't able to photograph this couple at the grand staircase, if you were to select me to capture your event, I'd love to pose you as a couple in that location.

Location: Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Filename: 16-Sunny Najla.JPG.